Join the Colonial Team.

Colonial Maintenance Contractors offers steady full and part time employment. The company was founded in 1976 and has become on of New Englands premier professional office cleaning companies. The success is directly attributable to our team. Many on our team have been with the company for several years.

As a team member you will be provided with routine training, uniforms are provided by Colonial Maintenance, and each group of professional office cleaners is provided with supervision by a trained Team Leader.

To apply complete the preliminary application below. It should be understood that by submitting this form or any other part of this website is not an offer of employment.

Colonial Maintenance Contractors: Job Application

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Job Descriptions:

PT - Cleaner - Team Member

Work part-time as a cleaning team member. Serve client facility by being alert with attention to detail, with a neat and properly worn uniformed appearance, while maintaining dependability with minimum supervision. Duties include, dusting, vacuuming, wet mopping floors, wiping glass, arranging furniture, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash, and other duties as assigned by the team leader.

Must be able to lift 50 lbs, carry a back pak vacum for one hour, and have a dependable car and drivers license.


PT - Floor Specialist

The Floor Specialist fills a critical role at CMC ensuring the client's floors are in perfect condition and are safe using non-skid solutions and practices. Duties include; prepare and burnish VCT floors, strip, rinse, and buff VCT floors, deep scrub and refinish floors, shampoo carpets, bonnet carpets, extract carpets, and apply carpet guard chemicals. The Floor Specialist may also be required to perform routine janitorial functions such as; wet mopping, trash removal, rest room cleaning, and vacuuming. The Floor Specialist is required to serve the client facility with alert attention to detail, a neat and properly woren uniformed, while maintaining dependability with minimum supervision.

Must have dependable transportation and valid drivers license. Experience with machinery, floor cleaning chemicals and application preferred.

PT - Cleaner - Team Chief

The Team Chief fills a critical role at Colonial Maintenance Contractors. The Team Chief works alongside Team Members and Special Task Team members providing general supervision, ensuring all materials, supplies and equipment are in adequate quantities and properly maintained, safeguards building security, and provides written reports and other documentation to the Operations Manager. The Team Chief responds to client requests, monitors work loading, and prepares for special client events. The ability to work and respond to CMC clients in a positive and thorough way is essential.

Must have one year experience as a cleaning team member. Dependable transportation and drivers license.