Great Moments in Cleaning History

2800 B.C.E.
Babylon - Soap invented or discovered by mixing fat, salt and ashes.
500 B.C.E
Greece - King Augeas orders Hercules to clean the Augean Stables as his 5th of 12 labors.
312 B.C.E

Rome - 1st public bath constructed using hypocast for hot water.

100 B.C.E
Roman Empire - Strigil, a metal scraper, is used to clean the body after sweating.
212 A.D Rome - Baths at Caracalla ordered built by Marcus Aurelius.
1000 A.D. England - Soap is introduced.
1608 A.D. Jamestown, Virginia - Commercial soap making comes to North America.
1948 Avon, Massachusetts - Mrs. D washes dirty words out of her son’s mouth.
1966 Fort Dix, New Jersey - Drill Sgt. Leon Davis orders barracks to be cleaned “immaculate-like” prior to troops leaving on weekend pass.
1976 Avon, Massachusetts - Colonial Maintenance Contractors Inc. begins providing office cleaning services to area buildings.
1999 Boston, Massachusetts - Colonial Maintenance Contractors Inc. added to Top Ten List at Boston Business Journal.
2006 Avon, Massachusetts - Colonial Maintenance Contractors Inc. begins its third decade providing janitorial service to quality clients.
2014 You can secure quality office cleaning by calling 800-333-1776.

Mr. George Wm. Davey
President, Colonial Maintenance Contractors Inc.

Mr. Davey presents a job interviewing and work place skills lecture to high school students. Mr. Davey was Chairman of the Brockton Area Workforce Investment Board, leading the workforce development efforts in the Brockton area. He is active in both the Metro South Chamber and Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce, filling several roles over many years of participation.

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