Office Cleaning Precision

OUR SERVICES - Done right the first time, every time!

All the usual janitorial duties our customers demand, and then some...

Our Cleaning Teams are specially trained for your environment, such as Medical Offices, Legal Firms, and Industrial Companies, with a high degree of sensitivity to security, access, and safety.

Yes, we empty the trash, and replace liners. Unlike others, you are not charged for plastic trash bags.

We dust, using specially treated yellow and green cloths that trap the dust and don't just move it around.

We vacuum, using a hepa filter vacuum that traps particles with a 4-level filtration system, capturing 99.9% of dust mites, bacteria, etc. that measure more than 1 micron.

Floors washed with the proper detergents, preserving the slip-resistant properties of our polymere floor finishes.

Shine burnishing with a machine that increases to 2000RPM can make VCT tile look like glass.

Rest rooms cleaned and sanitized without a heavy 'chemical' scent left behind.

Glass washed until it shines, no matter how high.

Paper products, that all-important necessity, are well stocked with products purchased from and inventoried automatically by Colonial Maintenance.

Stripping a corridor, Raynham client

Services are provided on a schedule and scope determined by you, typically between 6pm and 9pm, 5 days per week. Every Cleaning Team is lead by a Team Chief who will ensure precision service and provide for quality control.

The Team Chief is trained to safeguard the security of your building, and all staff are easily identified by their uniform. Call us today!